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"Branding allows your company to stand out with personality, what's your business' personality?"
- Dominique Cowens 


Construct your business’s unique personality inside and out.

Initial Branding Package

Are you ready to develop your business' personality?

This package includes the following services:

  • Key storytelling that allows your customers to understand your business' purpose

  • Full Go-to-Market Strategy & SWOT Analysis 

  • Creative packaging - complete logo treatment, brand colors, brand typography and stationary

  • Primary marketing materials – business card and brochure (or in place of a brochure any befitting marketing material that meets your business' needs)

  • Developed brand guidelines

Brand Check-Up 

Is your brand consistent across all front facing channels?

Is your brand in need of an overall check-up? It may be time for a thorough brand audit. 


This package includes the following services:

  • Copy auditing

  • Social media audits (metric checking, post frequency, content check)

  • SEO audit on all digital outlets

  • Creative edit (all digital assets checked, color schemes are consistent from one platform to the next)

  • Website audit

  • Create guidelines for proper branding (copy, color scheme, typography)

  • Social media content strategy

Marketing Development

Need more marketing gas to reach your customers?

Time to expand your market footprint or just develop a stronger presence amongst your current customer base?


This package includes the following services:

  • Full brand and marketing audit

  • Market research and analysis 

  • SWOT Analysis and Go-to-Market Strategy with PowerPoint Presentation

  • Monthly strategy execution*

  • Monthly report update meetings

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